Low Impact Fitness In West Conshohocken

West Conshy Athletic Club in West Conshohocken offers exercise options for every age and fitness level. We know that exercising at a gym can be intimidating for some, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while. We offer the services and amenities that you need to stay active and motivated, and a personal trainer can walk alongside to coach and encourage you along the way.

Personal trainers assess your current fitness level, help you identify achievable goals, then point you in the direction of exercise activities that will lead to your fitness success. Personal training ensures the right form and technique to safeguard against injury, and educates you on the proper exercise and intensity.

Our health club in West Conshohocken offers group exercise classes for a fun social workout, or you can exercise on your own with cardio training equipment (such as bikes, treadmills and steppers) or free weights. You and your personal trainer can choose the safest, most effective exercise, that you’ll enjoy.

Seniors, if you’re looking for a physical fitness program that helps you stay heart healthy, keeps your muscles and joints flexible and steady — call today to schedule your fitness consultation!