There are so many benefits to staying fit into your senior years. You prolong your overall well-being, you maintain or increase physical strength and flexibility, and you make friends with other like-minded people.

SilverSneakers is a national program dedicated to senior fitness. At The West Conshy Athletic Club (WAC), we offer a full gym (open 24 hours for those late nights or early mornings that you can’t seem to sleep), personal training, small group training, and more.

It’s no secret that age isn’t a good friend for the body. Gone are the days of childhood when walking was often met with a spontaneous fall and a quick bounce back up. Today, many seniors aren’t so quick to bounce back up. But our members at WAC know the importance of exercise to help keep their bodies working in peak condition.


Senior fitness routines help preserve and perpetuate an overall sense of well-being. It is good to workout regularly — both for the body and for the brain. SilverSneakers and other training programs are designed to keep the full body in motion. Our instructors are trained to help each member through the class and to provide modifications for any exercise. We work with each individual to help him/her meet his/her own goals.

Strength and Flexibility

Muscles can tighten and fatigue quickly when they aren’t used regularly. Something as simple as holding an infant grandchild or great-grandchild can become a daunting task as they squirm about carelessly. SilverSneakers incorporates strength and flexibility exercises to keep the body awake and functioning well. Any bit of strength and flexibility training is better than none, so we welcome any senior to these classes, no matter your existing abilities. You can always get better!


Lastly, SilverSneakers classes are an opportunity for like-minded folks to get together and socialize. Not only do you know you have fitness and health in common, but you might just make a few new friends. Come enjoy an hour with other seniors in the SilverSneakers classes. Our instructors keep things upbeat and friendly, and there’s never anything wrong with some friendly competition between peers.

West Conshy Athletic Club is also happy to provide personal training sessions for someone who is interested in a bit more targeted and personalized workout program. This can be great for physical therapy or for event training.

All new members are invited to WAC to check out the facility and to learn more about our senior fitness programs.

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