You are never too old to make fitness a priority in your life! Our gym members are living proof of that idea. Our gym in West Conshohocken offers many low-impact options that are great for senior fitness. As you get older, some of your fitness goals might include:

  • Losing weight. Even losing a little bit of excess weight can benefit your heart and other internal organs. You may become less active as you get older, making it harder to keep the weight off, but we can help!
  • Maintain your range of motion. Many of our senior fitness options place an emphasis on stretching and increasing your range of motion. This can help prevent the loss of movement and function in your various joints.
  • Focusing on heart health. Cardio exercise helps keep your heart in shape; after all, it is a muscle. It’s important for seniors to find the right balance between pushing their heart rate and not overdoing it during their workout.

Many of the seniors who come into our fitness facility haven’t ever joined a gym before, but they know they need to start taking their fitness seriously so they can get the most out of life. We’re happy to introduce them to the machine, suggest some low-impact exercises, and get them connected with one of our personal trainers who can help them develop a personalized workout routine that moves them towards their fitness goals.

If you are a senior who is coming to West Conshy Athletic Club for the first time you aren’t sure about where to start, here are some suggestions about great low-impact exercises you can try. We encourage you to try a variety of our classes and services so you find that one that’s right for you!

Low-Impact Exercise for Seniors


Put on a great pair of walking shoes and come get on one of our treadmills! Walking is a great low-impact exercise that helps your joints stay loose, plus it’s something that you can do long into your later years. It’s also a great chance to catch up with your friends; invite them along to the gym and chat as you log the miles.


It might surprise you to learn that cycling is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on your joints, but it is! Riding one of our stationary bikes can be a great cardio workout and one that’s excellent for muscles in your legs, arms, and core, too. Ask one of our personal trainers to show you how to get the most out of your time on the bike.


You don’t have to bend yourself into a pretzel to benefit from a yoga class. Even gentle stretching is good for your muscles and holding yoga poses can help you build up strength and endurance. Don’t worry if you can’t even touch your toes right now; our yoga instructors will help you modify the poses to suit your specific needs and skill.

Weight Lifting

Cardio is important, but you shouldn’t avoid getting a little weight lifting into your fitness routine, too. Lifting weights helps you build muscles that can keep you strong, maintain your range of motion, and prevent injuries. Lean muscle can even help you burn fat. Lifting weights doesn’t have to be hard on your muscles, either, but make sure you get the right training on the equipment before you start.

Let Our Team Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Whatever your fitness goals might be as a senior, our team would love to help you reach them. We love helping people get into the best shape of their lives and discover that age is really just a number. Whether you’ve been a lifelong gym-goer or this is your first time stepping into a fitness facility, we’ll have the program, equipment, classes, and training that’s right for you. Start by connecting with one of our personal trainers today. They’ll take you through a senior fitness evaluation and offer suggestions about which classes or equipment are the best options for achieving your goals.

Would you like to learn more about our West Conshy gym for free? Sign up for a free consultation on our website. We’d love to talk to you more about our gym and how you can start working towards your fitness goals!