West Conshy Athletic Club offers small group training and group exercise classes for its members. With this type of workout, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to fitness training: the individual attention of having a personal trainer combined with the energy and peer motivation of a group!

Small Group Training

The West Conshy Athletic Club in West Conshohocken offers small group training classes for a guaranteed, effective, enjoyable workout with the individual trainer attention you do not receive in larger group exercise classes. A great group personal training option under the leadership of certified trainers, small group training at our gym offers classes such as HIIT, TRX, Spinning, Boot Camp, BARRE, Lunch-time Express Classes and much more!

  • TRX suspension utilizes straps attached to a stationary point. Your own body weight steers the workout. Our certified personal trainers coach you through the workout ensuring proper technique and duration.
  • Cycling and Spin classes are an incredible cardio workout. Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy cycling in our temperature-controlled environment and enjoy group training that focuses on target heart rates and designated speed ranges.
  • Lunch-time Express Classes such as War on the Core, Trouble Zones, Total Body Workout, and BARRE Express offer a full workout in 35-40 minutes giving you enough time to freshen up, grab a healthy bite, and get back to work feeling refreshed.

Check out our current Small Group Training Schedule for more classes and descriptions.

Find out more about the numerous Personal Training options and Small Group Training classes options at the WAC.  Call (610) 245-3327 for more information, to schedule a facility tour, and/or a fitness consultation today!

ZONERX Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are a fun, dynamic, effective way to reach your fitness goals! Our certified group exercise instructors will lead you through a variety of class formats. Whether you are looking for a heart-pumping, core-strengthening, metabolism-revving workout or a body sculpting, toning, and flexibility-focused class, ZONERX will have a class that meets your needs!

West Conshy Athletic Club is committed to making group exercises classes convenient for your schedule, which is why we offer them in the morning, during lunch, and in the evening. Plus, our gym facility in West Conshy is open 24 hours, so you never have to worry about whether you can squeeze in a workout before the gym closes.

Learn more about our group exercise class types below, and be sure to ask our helpful staff if you have any questions! We can recommend group fitness classes that might suit your ability, personality, and exercise goals. Our staff can also make recommendations for how to modify classes to better fit your fitness needs. Visit West Conshy Athletic Club today to learn more about group classes!

  • Kickboxing: Think of a mix between karate and boxing. In this high-energy class, you will strengthen your entire body, improve your cardiovascular kicking and punching, and practice other self-defense moves. If you want to build stamina, burn calories, and develop leaner muscle, try this challenging workout!
  • Yoga: Yoga has at least 50 proven health benefits for your body and mind. All levels are welcome in our yoga classes, where you will learn to link your movement to your breath as you build muscle and increase flexibility.
  • Boot Camp: Boot camp is just like how it sounds — an intense, full-body workout where you will focus on improving cardio, developing core strength, enhancing stamina, and becoming a fitter version of yourself.
  • Strength & Conditioning: In a class with just two to eight people, you will benefit from personalized attention and group energy at the same time. Strength & Conditioning uses a variety of strength exercises to build and tone your muscles. Get stronger today in this awesome group fitness class!
  • HIIT: HIIT stands for “high-intensity interval training.” During a HIIT group exercise class, you will move through bursts (intervals) of cardio and strength training with small periods of rest in between. Any fitness level is welcome, as you can modify any exercise to meet your fitness level and goals.
  • TABATA: Even if you’ve never heard of TABATA, you should absolutely sign up for this class at West Conshy Athletic Club. Using a variety of fitness equipment, TABATA emphasizes 20 seconds of working out and 10 seconds of rest. If it seems easy, try following this workout for 45 full minutes
  • and much more!