Anyone who spends most of their day in front of a computer screen or at a desk understands the need to get up and take a break. Especially in the middle of the day, when the morning coffee energy has worn off and the whole afternoon lays ahead of you, getting away from your desk or work environment can be one of the best things to do.

Working out at this time is especially important, as your body has been stagnant for hours and you need a mental break. It can be hard to workout during lunch between commuting to the gym, changing into exercise clothes, and actually getting in a satisfying workout before having to rush back. At West Conshy Athletic Club, we know how tough it can be to squeeze in a lunchtime workout — but we also know how beneficial this fitness routine can be. The team at our 24-hour gym has provided these workout tips so that you can make the most of your lunch break.

Consider a fitness trainer

Most of our clients assume that fitness trainer sessions only come in 60-minute increments or in the evening. One of the advantages of joining our 24-hour gym is that we have fitness trainers available at all times of the day, and we offer 30-minute fitness trainer sessions. While working out for 30 minutes might not seem like a long time, the fitness trainers at West Conshy Athletic Club know how to maximize this time by including interval training and bodyweight exercises. You can even have time to shower and get back to work within your lunch break.

Attend an afternoon group fitness class

Having a specific time blocked out can really help to make the most of your lunch break. By attending a fitness class, you guarantee that you will warm-up, workout, and cool down appropriately within an hour or so. Often, when you are crunched for time on your lunch break, you might skip the crucial steps of working out and stretching because you realize the time. Committing to an exercise class alleviates this problem, as fitness trainers plan the exercises and keep track of time. West Conshy Athletic Club offers group fitness classes at 12 PM or 12:30 PM on weekdays, including popular classes such as War on the Core, BARRE Express, and KickBox Express. Designed with your work schedule in mind, our local gym offers these classes so that you can maximize your lunch break.

Develop a workout plan

Sometimes we get the least done when we spend the longest at the gym. A lot of gym-goers waste valuable workout time just deciding what exercises they want to do, body areas they want to focus on, and number of reps they should complete. If you go into the gym with an efficient and organized workout plan, then you make the most of even your shortest workouts. If you are not sure what an appropriate gym routine might look like for you, consider speaking to one of our fitness trainers to develop a plan. We can give you advice on workout routines that target full-body strengthening and ones that isolate body areas such as core, legs, and arms. Plus, we can point you to exercise machines you might not have considered and show you how to use them safely.

West Conshy Athletic Club is a 24-hour gym dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. If you want to workout during your lunch break, consider the convenience of our local gym, our expert fitness trainers, and our group exercise classes. Call today or stop in to check out our fitness boutique in West Conshohocken.