For certain individuals, going to a traditional 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. gym works — maybe they have a long lunch break, a flexible job schedule, or don’t go to the gym that often.

For other groups of people, however, joining a 24-hour gym is the absolute best fitness option.

Who Should Join a 24-Hour Gym?

If you fall into any of the categories listed below, you are the prime candidate for joining an around-the-clock fitness boutique, rather than any old local gym.

1. You Work the Night Shift

If you’ve ever been on the night shift, either consistently or in a rotation, you know how hard it is to stay in any healthy routine. When you’re home during the day, you need to sleep. You leave for work around 9 PM when things have already closed down and your friends are all winding down.

The worst part of night shifts is that it even affects your weekends and days off. You can’t get out of the sleeping routine you’ve carefully set, but then you find yourself awake and bored at 3 AM.

Joining a 24-hour gym is an excellent solution to the lifestyle problems that a night shift can cause. You can exercise at those odd hours where other gyms aren’t open. If you’re around and awake during the day, you can take advantage of group exercise classes and personal training.

2. You Travel for Work

When you travel frequently for work, or travel as a part of your job (flight attendants, travel nurses, military members, etc.), it can be really difficult to stick to healthy habits. What’s the point of joining membership-based organizations when you can barely participate?

Joining a 24-hour gym is a viable solution because it’s always there and always open. If you get home from a trip to Shanghai and find yourself wired at midnight, you can head right to the gym. If you have a flight to catch early in the morning, you can get a workout in before then.

Your travel forces you to be flexible, so you should join a 24-hour gym that works with your lifestyle.

West Conshy Athletic Club

As a 24-hour gym in West Conshohocken, our gym makes it our mission to support every member of the West Conshy community.

We’re open around the clock, featured exercise classes every day of the week, and have personal trainers available.

Call us today to schedule a tour of our gym.