Happy holidays to our West Conshy Athletic Club family!

All throughout the year, we watch our members work hard to achieve their goals. Each week they progress just a little bit more. And we’d hate to see all of that good work go to waste during November and December. Nobody wants to take two steps back on their fitness goals during the new year. So to keep up with your routine (but still enjoy the holidays), follow these tips.

Bring Family Along

Many people use company as an excuse to not visit the gym. However, there’s a good chance your company would like to keep up with their fitness goals too. Encourage your family to join you on your trip to the gym. This way everyone can burn some energy.

Be Strategic

Workouts on a whim are usually the ones that get quickly thrown out the window during the holiday season. A schedule can help you stay focused on your fitness goals. The key to staying true to your fitness goals during the holiday is to strategically plan your workout times. If you usually squeeze in a workout after work but before dinner, you may need to be flexible on the holidays. Plan ahead. Many social events happen in the evening, so go workout earlier in the morning, on your lunch break, or in the early afternoon. This means your workout is out of the way, so you don’t have to feel guilty for celebrating with family at night. Win-win!

Stay Focused

Create visual reminders for yourself about why you want to reach your fitness goals. Maybe you want to lose weight. Buy an outfit in your ideal size and hang it where you see it every day. Maybe you want to gain strength and size. Keep your protein on the kitchen counter instead of in the cupboard as a constant reminder. No matter what your goal in the gym may be, you don’t want to lose sight of it through the jolly and the cheer of the holidays. In fact, to compromise on the holiday fun and fitness goals, listen to your favorite holiday music or get some fun and festive athletic clothes to make the best of both worlds.

Plan To Cheat

The toughest part about staying true to fitness and health goals during the holidays, for most people, is the spread of scrumptious treats. The temptations are endless. If you say to yourself that you’ll stick to your diet by not having anything extra at all, you may be fooling yourself and then slowly slipping a treat here or there to satisfy your craving. However, this can add up to more “cheats” than if you were to carefully plan which delectables you’ll enjoy at each meal. Therefore, we recommend you plan a cheat treat every time you think you’ll want one. This way, you can still satisfy your craving without secretly eating too much of the bad stuff.

Happy holidays! Good luck to you as you stay true to your fitness and health goals this season.

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