When it comes to morning routines, everyone has a different way of waking up and starting the day. Some people pre-set an automatic coffee maker to ensure they have their caffeine fix right away. Others press the “snooze” button as many times as they can before finally needing to get up. Scientifically, though, one of the best ways to start a morning involves getting to the gym.

At first, it feels brutal to wake up before dawn only to go sweat at a local gym, but your body adjusts to this routine in about two weeks. Once you get used to these early morning workouts, you’ll never go back. West Conshy Athletic Club understands the benefits of early morning workouts and the realities of a busy schedule, which is why we are a 24-hour gym located in West Conshohocken. Read more about the benefits of working out in the morning and how West Conshy Athletic Club can support your fitness routine.


The Early Bird Gets the Health Benefits

Metabolism boosts

When you workout early in the morning, you activate your metabolism for the rest of the day. Once your body has consumed calories, it either uses them as a source of energy, directs them to replenish your body, or stores them as fat to use for later. Establishing an early morning exercise routine guarantees that the calories you consume after your workout go toward replenishing your body instead of fat storage. If you exercise after a full day at your desk, a filling breakfast, and a caloric lunch, you are instead just burning off stored fat.

Your metabolism is the key to weight loss and energy levels, and early morning workouts are one of the best ways to stimulate your metabolic function. At our 24-hour gym, you can get in a full workout before the rest of your day even starts.

Better sleep

It might seem counter-intuitive since you need to wake up earlier for a morning workout, but morning exercise actually contributes to healthier sleep quality. Because you have already engaged in physical activity, your body is ready to settle down at bedtime. If you exercise late at night or even in the evening, however, you stimulate your body and make falling asleep more difficult. Additionally, having a set wake up time every morning helps your body regulate its sleep schedule. Because West Conshy Athletic Club is open around the clock as a 24-hour gym, you can make it a part of your morning routine no matter when your alarm goes off.

Muscle building

Believe it or not, testosterone levels in both males and females reach their highest point in the morning. Testosterone signals to your body that it is time to wake up, and it is also the hormone responsible for building muscle. If you want to either build muscle mass or get better muscle tone, consider early morning workouts at your local 24-hour gym.

Mood improvement

When you exercise, your brain produces endorphins — the “feel good” hormones that contribute to happier moods. Exercising at any time of the day produces more endorphins, but getting a dose of endorphins is especially important early in the morning. If you have ever just woken up on the “wrong side of the bed,” have trouble focusing in the morning at work, or even feel sleepy throughout the day, you might not be getting enough early-morning endorphins. To improve your mood throughout the day, engage in an early morning exercise routine. West Conshy Athletic Club is a 24-hour gym because we know first-hand how beneficial early morning workouts can be to improve your mood.

Beyond these proven health benefits to early morning workouts, we also want to mention that those committed to early morning workouts usually have the gym almost to themselves. Want to ensure that you get your favorite treadmill, or that you do not have to wait for someone to finish up on the pull-up bar? Commit to early morning workouts at a 24-hour gym and you’ll practically have the place to yourself.

Our 24-hour gym schedule means you never have to sacrifice work, family, or leisure time to get in your complete fitness routine. Start your day off right at West Conshy Athletic Club.