Sometimes, it seems impossible to set aside some “me” time after a busy day. We know it can be even more difficult to use that extra hour at the fitness center instead of lounging on your couch. But don’t let the idea of a jam-packed agenda keep you from staying physically fit. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that adults need to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week, so it needs to be a priority.

We’ve spoken with many clients in our 24-hour gym in West Conshohocken who are making fitness a priority with their busy schedules and asked them how they do it. There are plenty of ways to make time for fitness without cutting important events out of your agenda.

How to Fit Fitness Into Your Schedule

Wake up 30 minutes early

Perhaps you need to reconsider your morning ritual. Why not exercise before you go to work? Muscle and Fitness magazine recommended waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to make time for a quick workout. It may take a little while for your body to adjust, but you’ll receive a boost of energy that gets you through the day.

Create a realistic workout schedule

If the early morning workout session isn’t working for you, sit down and create a fitness schedule that will. Putting your agenda on paper gives you a better idea of how you can fill the time gaps you have throughout the day.

Head to the fitness center on your lunch break

If your lunch break is the only extra hour you have, make it your time to head to the fitness center. That 60 minutes will go far, and it’ll likely speed up the rest of your work day. Just plan to eat at your desk after your session.

Make it a social gathering

If your busy work schedule makes it difficult to manage time between friends and exercise, just kill two birds with one stone. Instead of heading to the bar for happy hour and wasting all of your calories – and money – on food and drinks, Shape magazine suggested getting physically active with your friends. Find a new trail to hike or join a workout group that encourages social interaction while you train.

Join a class that works with your schedule

Have you ever considered joining a workout class? Many fitness centers provide exercise opportunities all day, specifically as a convenience to work for every member’s schedule.

Join a 24-hour gym

At West Conshy Athletic Club, we offer an array of fitness classes throughout the week. There’s no need to leave work early or miss the family dinner to make it – our schedule is flexible so we can work with your busy one because we’re open 24-hours a day. Interested in signing up for a class? Give us a call at (610) 245-3327 or swing by for a fitness consultation.