West Conshy Athletic Club – An Elite Gym Experience!

Your fitness is our top priority, and we guarantee results at West Conshohocken Athletic Club (WAC). Our direct entrance to the club is located on the first floor of the 300 Four Falls building adjacent to the Marriott in West Conshohocken. With 24-hour secure access, first-class services and amenities, and a partnership with Ellis Athletic Center in Newtown Square – you or your entourage will never be far from a fitness experience like no other.

Get started at our gym with personal training. Why? Because a personal trainer is your coach, motivator and fitness guide. Or in other words, that person you will only sweat with to achieve those results you dream about. If you are seeking a weight loss solution – you know, the ONE that works, improve your overall health or enhance your fitness level, a personal trainer (or sweat guru) will help you identify your goals, develop an effective workout plan, and celebrate your achievements.

If you prefer to workout on your own, then our fitness center offers strength training with Cybex, Life Fitness and Precor machines. Our Ellipticals, bikes and treadmills will take you to the next level of cardio fitness. Perhaps you rather work out in a high energy group class (or sweat chasers)! Our West Conshohocken health club offers high intensity group training, with classes like cycling, circuit training, and TRX.

To our West Conshohocken seniors, you can enjoy safe, effective exercise options that encourage heart and joint health, better balance and flexibility, and greater endurance. Have fun in a group class, work at your own pace, or enjoy the guidance of a personal trainer. You’ll feel the outcome with improved health, better sleep and greater range of motion. Additionally, West Conshohocken is a proud member of the ‘Sliver Sneakers Program.’

It’s secure, it’s affordable and it’s YOUR gym in West Conshohocken.